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The Alternative Path - With David Robson

​​Sarah Dove Founder of Phoenix Education Consultancy and President of PRUsAP

12 April 2021

By David Robson

​​Sarah Dove Founder of Phoenix  Education Consultancy and President of PRUsAP

​​Sarah Dove Founder of Phoenix Education Consultancy and President of PRUsAP

Sarah has over 15 years’ experience working in Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provisions, ‘I am passionate about and dedicated to, ensuring every child, regardless of the severity of their vulnerabilities or complexity of their needs, are given an opportunity to embrace all components of education rather than simply experience a curriculum.’

Founder & CEO - Phoenix Education Consultancy
At Phoenix Education Consultancy we aim to improve the education system whilst ensuring every child it serves is able to embrace all aspects of education. We recognise that an inclusive education system is an aspiration and whilst taking steps to reach that goal, we focus on every child that needs support to maximise the outcomes of their learning.
We are experts and well experienced in working with children with severe vulnerabilities and complex needs in Pupil Referral Units, Alternative Provisions, Hospitals and Secure Training Centres.
At Phoenix we have developed a series of tools, programmes and services that ensure we all deliver a standard that reaches best practice rather than minimal compliance and provided.

President – PRUsAP

PRUsAP represents the Alternative Provision sector of Education regionally and nationally. We challenge the stereotypes associated with AP and promote the success of schools and vulnerable young people in AP settings. Not only do we represent the sector, we work with politicians, the media, organisations and other school leaders across the education spectrum to help them understand Alternative Provision and the impact it can have on young people's lives. We provide support and advice to schools, both in alternative provision and mainstream. Our Annual Conference is the focal point of our continuing professional development with additional events throughout the year that provide an opportunity for AP leaders to meet and discuss practice.

Sarah is also close to releasing her book ‘Behaving Together In The Classroom’ which provides teachers with frameworks and processes to help them identify, understand and support the issues children bring to the classroom. Using a clear five step formula, the book explores the perspectives of children, to guide teachers as they support them within the school environment.

The book explores the nature of emotional health and well-being and the real implications of this on the way children are seen to act within the school. Rather than punishing unwanted behaviour, the book begins with the assumption that behaviour is our innate form of communication, that should be supported rather than controlled. It recognises the network of relationships within a school’s community and provides helpful resources to support a child’s inclusion in school life

I hope you enjoy.

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