​Stephen Steinhaus – Principal of Solihull Academy & Frontman/Singer

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking to Stephen Steinhaus from Solihull Academy in the midlands.  Solihull Academy opened in April 2018 because Solihull needed an additional, alternative solution for a number of students for whom mainstream education is simply not working (for a range of reasons).

Put bluntly, Solihull Academy is not your run-of-the-mill school. Solihull Academy is a game changer for pupils in the borough who really need the game to change. With a balanced mix of academic and pastoral intervention, challenge, rigour, The SA team have created a structured, therapeutic environment to give some of our students in the borough a chance to truly succeed. Make no mistake, though…Stephen and his team work incredibly hard, but play hard as well, and they are creating a community that can and will change the educational futures and life chances for every student that engages, thereby, change what education looks like in Solihull.

Stephen talks about the comparisons between being a singer/frontman and getting engagement from the crowd vs achieving the same engagement with pupils. Throughout our podcast, we spoke about the work involved when working in AP.

I hope you enjoy.


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