About us

Inspire EHC is a UK wide recruitment agency specialising in Special Educational Needs (SEND). We take immense pride in ensuring we meet the needs of all Young People, Adults, Candidates, Clients, Parents and Carers we work with.

We are proud to specialise in but not limited to, Special Schools, Out of School Tuition, Alternative Provision, Pupil Referral Units, Hospital Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Children’s Support Services/Homes and Adult Support Services/Homes. 

As a team, we understand how important it is to meet the needs of every placement and take every step to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome for all involved, whilst having the pupil/service user’s needs at the forefront.

Our Values

We are constantly doing our best to help push for a more inclusive world for everyone we are involved with.

Create the best possible outcome for everyone we work with

We look to create long-lasting partnerships between our clients and staff, helping to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Ensure every decision we make has a positive repercussion

In a world where you can be anything, we always act with kindness and aim to make a positive impact.

Focus on the needs of the child or end-service user

Recruitment can be a complex service to navigate, but we never lose sight of the needs or wishes of the end-user.

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